Donald Trump, God, and Christian Prophecy by James Beverley

Donald Trump, God, and Christian Prophecy by James BeverleyDonald Trump, God, and Christian Prophecy: A Guide to the Prophets and Prophecies in the Charismatic-Pentecostal World concerning the 45th President

Donald Trump and Christian Prophecy

Millions of evangelical Christians supported Trump and helped lead him to victory on November 8, in the stunning upset of Hillary Clinton. One amazing factor in right-wing endorsement of Trump is the belief by millions of Pentecostal and charismatic Christians that God told many of his prophets that Trump was and is the divine choice for president.

Kim Clement, one of the most famous prophets, claims that he announced Trump’s presidency as early as 2007. Mark Taylor, firefighter turned prophet, has become famous for his 2011 announcement that Trump was to be Commander in Chief. Prophecies about Trump increased with a frenzy during 2016 with many reports of dreams and visions from God, including one by an Australian prophet of Trump being blessed by Jesus in the throne room of heaven. The prophets also issued divine warnings against both Obama and Clinton.

The prophetic angle to Trump’s victory and Presidency is endorsed by leading figures in Pentecostal Christianity, including Steven Strang, Rick Joyner, and Lou Engle. As strange as the prophecies seem to many Americans and others, millions of America’s citizens voted for him in part because they believe Trump is God’s man and that he is fulfilling prophetic destiny.

This work presents the data in two different ways. First, there is a chronological outline of the events and prophecies connected to Trump. Second, all of the prophecies are grouped under the individual prophets. The guide concludes with a list of the prophets and evangelical leaders (along with websites). Hundreds of links are provided in relation to the prophecies and the major events surrounding Trump’s candidacy, nomination, victory, inauguration and presidency.

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